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The ELITE living document user manual can be downloaded from: File:ELITE living document User Manual.pdf


Files classification

Classification criteria

This page presents the instructions in order to classify the uploaded documents in the ELITE living document. The instructions contain a list of the existing categories and subcategories that the users have to take into account to classify a document when they upload it to ELITE living document.

Uploading a file

Upload a file

Different types of files as pdf, Word, Excel, Power Point can be added in the ELITE living document. Users will only have to click on the “Upload a file “option in the main menu located on the top. In the upload page, the document which is being uploaded has to be selected and optionally the user can change its name, add a short description and categorize it selecting the available values for the defined categories. The following picture is presented as an example of the upload page, where a file is selected, a description for the file is added and categories are assigned.

In reference to the category classification, it is possible to select more than one value in the same category. For instance, if the file we want to upload focuses on earthquakes and fires it is possible to select for “Type of disaster” category, “earthquakes” and “fires”. If the uploaded file does not match with some categories, there is no problem if no values for those categories are selected.

Upload file.png

Duplicated file detection

ELITE living document is capable of identifying if the document that has been selected to upload is already uploaded in the system, although both files do not have the same title/name. If the ELITE living document detects that the document that is going to be uploaded already exists in the ELITE living document (with the same or different name), a warning message as the following is sent to the user. Duplicated file.png

File information

A wiki page is created for every file that is uploaded in the wiki. This wiki page is named as the document which is uploaded. The page consists of different sections depending on the contributions of the users: 1) A link to preview and download the file. 2) A five star rating system to allow users to vote the document. 3) A summary of the document that can be modified. 4) Comments posted by other users. It is also possible to vote and reply these documents and to add new comments. 5) Information table with the date the document was uploaded, the document’s dimensions, the user who uploaded it and the summary introduced by the user who uploaded it. 6) Links to the categories that classify the document. The categories assigned to the document can be changed, as it is going to be explained



File comments

Users can read, reply and vote existing comments about the uploaded files. In each file there is also a text box to allow them post new comments. Comment.bmp

Modify classification criteria/Editing a page

ELITE members have the right to modify the categories assigned to the files that have been uploaded by them and cannot modify information of files uploaded by other users. This is possible by clicking the edit link in the sidebar that is present for all the file pages in the wiki. The next step is to select or deselect the categories.

Edit file.png

Deleting a file

ELITE members can delete files that have been uploaded by them and cannot delete files uploaded by other users. To delete their files there is a button below Edit button in the sidebar menu, called Delete. Once the button is clicked, a warning message asking for the reason for deleting the file will appear.

Searching within categories

Category search

This section contains drop-down lists for each of the categories used to classify the files. To run a search in the ELITE living document, the user will select the suitable criteria selecting the values in each of these lists. Then, the list of documents which match with the requested category will be displayed .

When the user wants to search using more than one value for a category, the text boxes located after the drop-down lists can be used.

For instance, if the user wants to search documents related to best practices in floods emergencies with a strategic level approach and written in English, it is necessary to select each of these values in the drop-down lists.

However, these drop-down lists only allow to select one value for each category, so if the user would like to search for a document that not only is focused on strategic level but also on tactical and operational level these two new values for the same category must be written in the text boxes as it is shown in the following figure.

Category search.png

Adding videos

Add a video

In this page a list of the uploaded videos in the ELITE living document can be found. Each video can be previewed by clicking on it. Furthermore, there is a link to attach additional videos from youtube or vimeo. In order to do so the next steps should be followed:

1-Firstly, depending on the video service sharing (youtube or vimeo) the corresponding link has to be selected.

Add video 1.png

2-Once the link is selected, a name for the new video is requested.

Add video 2.png

3-Finally, the ID of the video is required. Moreover, it is also possible to add a description or comments about the video.

Add video 3.png

  • Adding categories to the videos

Videos can also be classified according to the existing categories. To do so, once the video is uploaded to the wiki, the edit button has to be clicked. In the following example after having clicked the edit button for the video named EU Taranis 2013, the user has the option to select the categories values that match with the video characteristics.

Video categorization.png

Forum page


In this page of the wiki, a discussion board will be available in order to allow discussions among ELITE users. ELITE Members have the rights to post, reply and delete comments, and to create new discussion themes. Forum.png

Community of Practice page

Community of Practice

This wiki page contains a list of organizations that have taken part in the ELITE workshops. Information regarding the country to which the organizations belong and the workshop in which they participated is presented.

ELITE Members list page

ELITE Members list

Each ELITE member has a page in the ELITE living document. These pages contain general information about the member such as name, photo and organization to which belongs.

The ELITE members can introduce further information or edit the information that is already in the pages by clicking the button “Edit with form”. As a result of this, they would have to complete the predefined form that will appear.

Elite member.jpeg


List of categories

The list of items in the side menu provides a link to the pages of the category existing in the wiki, as we can see in the right picture.

Category pages

The category pages link to the subcategory pages. For example, the “type of disaster” category page contains three links to the pages of each of its sub category; “Earthquakes”, “Fires” and “Floods”. In addition to the links, there is also a list of files that can be found in each subcategory.

Subcategory pages

In the subcategory pages there is a list of documents classified by the subcategory and a list of the most voted files in that subcategory is also presented. The next picture is an example of the information we can find in the “Fires” subcategory page. This page consists of a list of the most voted pages and a list of all the documents classified by that subcategory.

Search Box

The function of the search tab is to return a list of the files (pdf, word, power point…) which contain the introduced word by the user.

Follow us

ELITE living document users have direct access to the ELITE group in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, where the latest news and information can be found. These social media channels will allow to foster the communication and interaction between the members of ELITE Community of Practice.



The preferences button allows users to configure their accounts settings and the ELITE living document appearance. Profile configuration allows users to:

  • Change their username.
  • Change their password.
  • Select the language for the ELITE living document interface.
  • Introduce the email in case their password is forgotten.
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